Get paid uploading courses – It’s easy, you create a course and upload it to this site and we pay you after you completed uploading the course. No more waiting until someone buys your course, Just complete uploading your course and withdraw your money instantly after we approved your course.

Everyone has something they know a lot about, you know the topic that you can’t wait to tell everyone about! And when you finally tell them they’re jaw just drop. These are the ones that I’m talking about, the length doesn’t really matter, The most important factor is that you add value and they learn from what you just told.

We are looking for teachers/ instructors that has a true story to tell to the world! And Get paid uploading courses

Become an instructor today and start teaching people about what you know, And get paid for it.

What are we paying for each course you upload:

  • Short course 5 modules every module includes a minimum of 5 lessons per module : $5
  • 10 Modules course, every module includes a minimum of 5 lessons per module: $10
  • Full course 20 modules, every module includes a minimum of 5 lessons per module: $20

How to start?


  1. Become an instructor, click here
  2. Start uploading your course
  3. Sent it in for approval
  4. Add your bank account or Paypal for payments.
  5. Wait for everything to be approved

How to upload your course:

Its easy!


  1. Take a free course Here so you can see how others did it and what works. CLICK HERE
  2. Divide your courses in Modules before you start
  3. Make an good and informative overview of your course and what students can expect to learn from your course
  4. Start adding the text in your course lessons.
  5. Add the pdf attachment to your written text in the lessons. ( it’s not allowed to just add a picture or only add the pdf version of your course, course need to be written in text)
  6. Add images to your course to add more quality to it and to make it visual. ( Adding pictures is optional)
  7. Finish the course with an Exam in the form of a quiz.
  8. Press submit for approval

That’s it!