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As you know they don’t want the truth to get out, and nowadays a lot of videos are getting banned from Socialmedia’s. Why would they want to hide the truth from us? I’m glad we discovered what is really happening so we can continue to interact with each other in any ways necessary. Tiktok is removing video’s however All the video’s that are removed will be uploaded on my Patreon. By joining the Patreon you will get access to video’s only for Patreon members and all the removed video’s, and you will support me as an content creator because as you know we are not eligible for monetising our Tiktok channel. by clicking here you will support me by becoming a Patreon member.

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The One World Tartatians: The Greatest Civilization Ever To Be Erased From History

Tired of being told what to do? OR Tired of being a sleep? Or being a sheep? It’s time to take your destiny in own hands! This page is an important page with high educational links, for the people that are ready to discover more about what is happening and who they are. You will find ways how to develop your spirituality or even master lucid dreams. If you are ready to dive deeper into this knowledge you can even request a 1 on 1 conversation with me trough zoom or by phone by clicking here.

The Navigator who crossed the Ice wall (popular)

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How things are going right now you don’t know if your money will have value in 1 year from now. That’s why I’ve decided to start buying gold because this is gods money! The world is going trough a economic shift right now and it looks like the dollar is loosing but what is the currency that we will be using next? Will it be Russian currency or the Chinese currency, the history has shown us that this is something that no-one knows. One fact is that the new world order wants us to own nothing and be happy, this is a sentence that is conflicting how can you own nothing and be happy? What about buying food?

This means that you are going to be depending on the governments for food and all your basic needs, and what history has taught us is that the governments around the world doesn’t always do the right thing. And because I’ve loose trust in the governments intentions towards me and the people I am taking my life into my own hands.

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because I’m stacking gold so I can have the freedom to buy what I want to eat and live where I want to live, without being watched and controlled. The reason I like AB Gold Is because of the level of education they are offering you, they want you to know what you are buying and what you can do with it. Since I started buying god, the gold price has been going up and up. This mean my money is growing every day! By pressing the banner below you can immediately start your journey of buying gold or you can request a free guide. Don’t wait any longer and start today!

178 Worlds under the great dome!

Annunaki & The custodians

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Adventure into Inner Earth! The testament of Olaf Jansen

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